Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The end of an adventure and the start of a new one

Finally, I completed the work I needed to do to complete my A Year in Indochina project and the whole experience remains an incredibly valuable one to me. I often look back on the time I spent in Vietnam and am overwhelmed by the things I did and the opportunities I had there. It has been an incomparable experience for me and one that I am incredibly grateful for. I finished the book I was working on, thereby completing the project, in the first few months of starting a History degree at the University of Liverpool; now I am half-way through that degree.

But obviously I couldn't stay in one place for too long. Through my desperation to travel again, some hard work and some good fortune, I was granted the opportunity to spend a semester studying in Melbourne, Australia. My new adventure begins in just under a week when I set off on a journey across the world, and I have created a new blog called Backpacker Student with which I will record my travels, studies and new experiences Down Under. I hope that those people who took interest in this blog will be equally interested in my new one, and I hope I will have some interesting stories and new discoveries to share from a totally different part of the world!