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Between September 2012 and August 2013 I will be carrying out a project named 'A Year in Indochina', designed for me by family friend Jessica Lu as a gap year project between high school and university. I will be living with Jessica in the Phu My Hung area of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, between September and June, with her maid Thuy, Thuy's daughter Hanh, and pampered pooch Happy. My task is to study the culture and history of Indochina, travelling across Vietnam and to Cambodia and Laos, with the final aim that I produce a book on a subject of my choice relating to Indochina.

I have chosen to study the social, economic, political and environmental problems in these three countries, trace their historical roots and, most importantly, share stories from the people and organisations who are working to combat these problems. I aim to have this work finished by August 2013, and will publish my book on Kindle. To work towards this outcome I am spending my time in Vietnam writing book reviews, conducting interviews, taking photographs and participating in charity work.

Through this blog, I want to keep family and friends back home informed about what I am doing, while trying to weave into every post some insights about culture and history that I learn along the way. In this way, I hope my blog can have an educational function for readers. Similarly, any insights from anyone reading this blog are greatly welcomed. Any suggestions, advice or tips can be shared in the comment box below each post, and I will be grateful for the help and feedback.

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