Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Reunited with Chris

I had been looking forward to Monday evening for a long time as my boyfriend Chris arrived in Ho Chi Minh City to spend five weeks with me; I hadn't seen him since I left for Vietnam three months ago. I spent the day pampering myself at the local salon and in the evening took a taxi to the airport feeling full of nerves and anticipation. I waited around for over an hour until I saw him coming through arrivals. I ran over and we had an unexpectedly emotional reunion moment in front of a large audience of bystanders, until the security guard blew his whistle at us to make us move along. It was quite embarrassing but I was, and still am, over the moon to be with him again.

Yesterday I took Chris to the local pool, which we had to ourselves as it was a Tuesday lunchtime, where we relaxed and enjoyed some poolside food and drink. Chris has really taken to Cafe Sua Da, Vietnamese iced coffee mixed with condensed milk- truly delicious. In the afternoon we rode our bikes to a salon, where Chris had a haircut and I had a foot massage, watching him eagerly and to his immense embarrassment. The girl who cut his hair was skinny and boyish with an afro, something which amazed and perplexed me, and took a pair of scissors to his hair without hesitation and without really establishing how he wanted it done. I could see Chris looking uncomfortable but he didn't say anything as she hacked away at his precious fringe and Liam Gallagher-style flicks at the back. However, I think he looks very dapper with his new, 'grown-up' hairstyle. 

Today we had a nice day out at the history museum and zoo, set in a huge garden that is very attractive. A slightly scary experience at the zoo was coming close to witnessing a rabbit being consumed by an enormous python. The unfortunate bunny had one lopsided ear, making it look a little stupid. It certainly lived up to this expectation by hopping right up to the lethargic snake at the other end of the tank, tempting fate. It was horrible but captivating to watch. We were joined by an Australian tourist who took some interest in the inevitable rabbit annihilation. I dragged Chris away before we could see the horrible end.

We will spend a few more days in the city and on Friday will begin our two week trip to Hanoi and back by train, taking in most of Vietnam's major towns and cities. I will be sure to post photos and stories from our travels whenever we have the opportunity along the way.

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