Friday, 29 March 2013

Mummy arrives

Yesterday evening I took a bunch of flowers and a sweet Vietnamese coffee to greet my mum at the airport. It is great to be with her again after three months apart and we stayed up for as long as she could manage to to catch up on our first evening. Today we have had a lovely relaxed day, the best parts of which have been spent doing nothing much more than talking. In between we went to the local salon where Mum treated us both to manicures and pedicures, then to the cafe for more coffee and later to the pool, where the water was as warm as a bath in the late afternoon sunshine. This evening we met up with Jessica and Crystal in town for a Vietnamese meal at our favourite rooftop restaurant, SH Garden, followed by sangria at a the Spanish bar Pacharan, where Jessica led a discussion on the perils of finding the perfect man.

We have another day together in the city to look forward to tomorrow before Sunday's early start to fly to Haiphong- for Halong Bay- after which we will travel to Hanoi and Luang Prabang. It already seems soon to be flying off away on a trip, but as long as I have enough time to spend making the most of my mum's company then I will be content. She has been spoiling me by bringing me my favourite kind of Fox's biscuits as well as with lots of love and attention. For her part, she is loving the break from the snow in Yorkshire- which is in some parts up to ten feet deep- and the chance to enjoy the sunshine and Thuy's delicious cooking.

Happily reunited with my mum

Fresh juices at SH Garden

Jessica (l) and Crystal

One of our favourite dishes, shrimp paste on sugar cane

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