Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love in the air

No Valentine's cards for me today- I hope that this is because the post has stopped for Tet and not because I have been forgotten! I was sneezing this morning and Thuy told me that somebody must be thinking about me. I was surprised that she'd heard this one before, and I hope she was right!

I spent (a non-romantic) Valentine's day with Lily, reading books in the park and wiling away the hours in a cafe in Phu My Hung, where pink heart balloons were being attached to the trees. I hadn't expected Valentine's day to be celebrated in Vietnam, particularly not on a year when it falls during the Tet holiday, but perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised. Vietnam is a romantic country and it has a very young population. Kids in Saigon always seem to be in pairs, riding motorbikes around the city and cuddling in parks. On our way home the bridges were lined with couples sat on parked bikes looking out over the river, and the funfair, usually deserted, was teeming. I am no great believer in Valentine's day but it seemed today that the romance in the air put me and Lily in good moods, even if we weren't participating ourselves. Or maybe it was just the spring sunshine.

We hope that tomorrow most shops and museums will be open again and we can do some sightseeing after what has mostly been a lazy week.

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